animal cruelty meaning in Chinese

虐畜罪animaln. 1.动物;兽;牲畜。 2.〔俚语〕家畜,牲口。 3 ...crueltyn. 1.残酷,冷酷,刻毒。 2.〔pl.〕残酷行为,横 ...


  1. People urged to report animal cruelty acts with photo
  2. Officers arrested the suspect on feb . 10 and charged him with animal cruelty and a breach of the peace , the spokeswoman said
  3. People have been trying to reform animal cruelty laws and religious practices for centuries , with virtually no success
  4. A partially sighted man who allegedly bit his guide dog on the head and kicked it has been charged with animal cruelty , scottish police said
    一名半盲的男子,因为据说咬自己导盲犬的头部,而且踢? ,已被控告虐待动物,苏格兰警方说。
  5. Only when enough of us buy intelligently ( or , more accurately , stop buying ignorantly ) will we have enough of an effect to make animal cruelty unprofitable
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