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  1. Cmc california advisory commission on marine and coastal resources
  2. He chaired the national bioethics advisory commission which completed a report on cloning shortly after dolly ' s birth was announced in 1997
  3. Thus we need advisory commissions to facilitate the transition from the system of life tenure in leading posts to a retirement system
  4. That group ? the national bioethics advisory commission ( nbac ) ? has been working feverishly to put its wisdom on paper , and at a meeting on 17 may , members agreed on a near - final draft ( n . ) of their recommendations
    这个名为“全国生物伦理道德顾问委员会” ( nbac )的小组一直在非常积极的工作,集思广益,并正在将其意见写成报告;在5月17日的一次会议上,委员们就几乎定稿的建议书取得了一致意见。

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