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1.(颂扬) praise; extol; eulogize; laud: 歌功颂德 eulogize sb.'s virtues and achievements; sing the praises of sb.
2.(祝颂) express good wishes: 敬颂大安 with my best regards
1.(颂歌) song; ode; paean; eulogy: 《黄河颂》 ode to the huanghe river; 《祖国颂》 ode to our motherland
2.(《诗经》 中的祭祀歌词) a section in the book of songs consisting of sacrificial songs
3.(姓氏) a surname: 颂阳 song yang


  1. His recitation was cadenced and rich in feeling .
  2. The king was the first toast drunk by the officers .
  3. They call it the baikal sea and sing songs about it .
  4. Nim remembered, years ago, coming across a book called in praise of elder women .
  5. Like the others, they lived up to the resolute sentiment of longfellow's "psalm of life" .
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