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1.(回答) answer; respond to; echo: 一呼百应 hundreds respond to a single call; 山鸣谷应。 the valleys echo the sounds of the mountains.
2.(满足要求) comply with; grant: 为应广大读者需要 to meet the needs of the broad reading public; 以应急需 in order to fill an urgent need; 应中国政府的邀请 at the invitation of the chinese government; 有求必应 grant whatever is requested
3.(顺应; 适应) suit; respond to: 得心应手 be easy to handle and work with great efficiency
4.(应付) deal with; cope with: 从容应敌 meet the enemy calmly


  1. You should discourage him from taking that trip .
  2. Never forget our duty to our motherland .
  3. When one is about to act, one must reason first .
  4. These methods cannot be applied universally .
  5. His bill should have been forty-five dollars .
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