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1.(窄而长的条状物) belt; girdle; ribbon; band; tape: 磁带 (magnetic) tape; 领带 necktie; tie; 录音带 recording tape; 皮带 leather belt; 丝带 silk ribbon; 鞋带 shoelaces; shoestrings; 腰带 waist band
2.(地带; 区域) zone; area; belt: 寒带 frigid zone; 林带 forest belt; 沙漠地带 a desert region; 这一带最适宜种小麦。 this area is most suitable for growing wheat.
3.(轮胎) tyre: 自行车带 bicycle tyre
4.[医学] (白带) leucorrhea; whites; leukorrhea
5.(姓氏) a surname: 带佗 dai tuo
1.(随身拿着; 携带) take; bring; carry: 别忘了带雨衣。 don't forget to take your raincoat along. 你随身带了什么? what did you bring with you? 请人带个话给她。 ask sb. to take her a message. 他口袋里总是带着一本小词典。 he always carries a small dictionary in his pocket. 我们不可带易燃品上船[车]。 we must not take combustible goods aboard.
2.(捎带着做某事) do sth. incidentally: 你出去请把门带上。 please pull the door to when you go out. 你在信上给 我带一笔, 问你父亲好。 remember me to your father in your letter. 上街时给带点茶叶来。 when you go out, get me some tea.
3.(呈现; 含有) bear; have: 带有时代的特点 bear the imprint of the times; 面带笑容 wear a smile; 一项带根本性的措施 a measure of fundamental importance; 说话别带刺儿。 don't be sarcastic. 这梨带点酸味。 this pear tastes a bit sour.
4.(连带; 附着) having sth. attached; simultaneous: 带叶的苹果 apples with their leaves on; 放牛带割草 cut grass while tending cattle; 连说带笑地走进来 enter laughing and talking; 玉米地里带着种 点黄豆 grow some soybeans in the maize field
5.(引导; 领) lead; head: 老师带着学生参观展览。 the teacher took the students to visit the exhibition. 他把他们带回到正道上来。 he led them back to the right way. 她把我带进[出]会客室。 she led me into [out of] the reception room.
6.(带动) lead; bring along: 以点带面 use the experience of one point to lead the whole area; 先进带后进。 the more advanced bring along the less advanced.
7.(照料; 培养) look after; bring up; raise: 带孩子 look after children; 他是由他奶奶带大的。 he was brought up by his grandmother.
8.[方言] (加上; 算上) include; count: 带你, 一共十个人。 there were ten people, including you


  1. You are allowed 1 liter of spirits duty-free .
  2. The belt is a westward-opening crescent .
  3. I am yet to learn the truth .
  4. He looked at her with a hurt expression .
  5. They carried only one rucksack between them .
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