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1.(把事物转移给有关方面) hand over; give up; deliver: 交党费 pay party membership dues; 交公粮 deliver tax grain to the state; 交还 give back ; return; 交活 turn over a finished item [product]; 交枪不杀! give up your arms and live! 他被交到警察手里。 he was delivered into the hand of the police. 他们以实物交税。 they paid their taxes in kind. 袁世凯逼迫皇帝逊位, 把政权交给他。 yuan shikai forced the emperor to abdicate and hand over power to him.
2.(到某一时辰或季节) reach (a certain hour or season); set in; come: 交冬以后 when winter has set in; 今年交春早。 spring set in early this year.明天就交夏至了。 tomorrow will be the summer solstice.
3.(时间、地区相连接) (of places or periods of time) meet; join: 春夏之交 when spring is changing into summer; 井冈山位于四县之交。 the jinggang mountains stand where the boundaries of four counties meet.
4.(交叉) cross; intersect: ab和cd两线相交于e点。line ab intersects line cd at e. 圆周内两直径必相交。 any two diameters of a circle intersect each other.
5.(结交) associate with: 交朋友 make friends
6.(性交) have sexual intercourse
7.(交配) mate; breed: 杂交 crossbreed
(互相) mutual; reciprocal; each other: 交换 exchange
(一齐; 同时) together; simultaneously: 风雨交加 wind and rain coming at one and the same time; 内外交困 be beset with difficulties at home and abroad
1.(交往;交谊) acquaintance; friendship; relationship: 点头之交 nodding [bowing] acquaintance; 多年之交 a friendship of many years; 建交 establish diplomatic relations; 绝交 sever relations; break off relations; 一面之交 a passing [casual] acquaintance
2.[书面语] (朋友) friend: 故交 old friend; 知交 bosom [intimate] friend
3.(交易) business transaction; deal; bargain: 成交 strike a bargain; conclude a transaction; clinch a deal
4.(跟头) fall: 跌了一交 have a fall; 他脚一滑, 摔了一大交。 he slipped and fell heavily


  1. It was a neighbor he knew only socially .
  2. The cross ratio he called anharmonic ratio .
  3. Send the letter to my business address .
  4. I have only a nodding acquaintance with him .
  5. I gave up my ticket and turned to her .
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